30: Home to Portland

My morning starts at 4:30am. Julien is taking me to the airport this morning on his way to work. I’m so grateful for a ride and that he’s willing to go out of… Continue reading

29: Les pêches, l’eau et le vin

My last day! I can’t believe that I only have one day left. Luckily, it’s also my day off, so I’ve got an adventure planned. I want to go to the river again… Continue reading

28: Last day of work

Today is my last day of work on the farm. I’ll admit, it’s a little slow-moving this morning after the party. It’s pretty difficult to wake up only three hours after you’ve gone… Continue reading

27: Let’s Celebrate

Today is the big day. It’s the party for the birthday celebrations of both Severine and her sister Aurianne, so we’re planning for quite a few people to show up. We spend the… Continue reading

26: Sbohem

As you might have inferred, the Czech are leaving today. It’s bittersweet, but just as everything begins, there has to be an end too.

25: Runnin’ and playin’

Today is the last real day that the Czech are here. It’s a lazy sunny afternoon, so we do what we’ve become accustomed to: playing cards. Our game of choice is Uno.  It’s… Continue reading

24: Mmm… more blackberries

24: 8/28 I ride Line for the second time today. It’s also only the second time I’ve trotted with a horse, which is nerve-wracking for me. It feels like I’m about to fall… Continue reading

23: Au revoir, Swiss Miss

We awake just in time to go and have breakfast. I forget to take my charging batteries with me, so my camera is useless. Regardless, it’s probably the best continental-style breakfast I’ve ever… Continue reading

22: Geneva

My day begins very much the same as it did a week ago. I awake around 6am to get dressed and get packed for my trip. I’m head to Geneva, and I have… Continue reading

21: This is how it usually goes

So admittedly, not much has happened the past two days. I’ve decided that instead of recounting small details, I’ll walk you through my average work of the day. I wake up at 6:30am.… Continue reading